Chapter 209 To be confirmed! (3)

Chapter 209 To be confirmed! (3)

The Devour Skill of the Demonic Attribute. Towards someone who was at an even lower cultivation level than he was, he could easily Devour their Heavenly Energy even at a short distance. Of course, such a tiny amount of Heavenly Energy was not much use to him.

Xuan’er stood there, just stunned. All along, she had believed that in the entire younger generation, no one could compare with her. With her strength, she thought she could compare to even those younger generation geniuses of the Great Saint Lands. Alas, the sight before her eyes was toppling her belief. Although Zhou Weiqing spoke like an arrogant senior, from his looks he was barely twenty as well. Yet, in front of him, she did not seem to even have the slightest chance.

Anger. Vexation. Unwillingness to accept such a situation. All sorts of complicated emotions burst forth in that instant, and Xuan’er suddenly screamed out loud. “Die!!”

The staff in her hands abruptly pointed at Zhou Weiqing once more. In the twinkling of an eye, a wheel of ice appeared behind her back… the thick blue light slowly turning black. This was the Ice Attribute Element, pushed to the limit and beyond. This was something that...

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