Chapter 209 To be confirmed! (2)

Chapter 209 To be confirmed! (2)

Ma Qun’s obviously slowed body abruptly exploded into motion, the shield in his left hand smashing out savagely into Ah Dou, who was in the midst of extending himself in the strike.

*BANG* Ah Dou was sent flying once more, blood spurting from his mouth.

In truth, if one compared their total combat strength, he shouldn’t have been taken down so easily by Ma Qun. However, he had lost fully in terms of calculations and schemes. Ma Qun had purposely revealed a seeming weak spot for him to exploit, using his own powerful defense to just take the blow instead. As soon as he successfully struck Ma Qun, he would be extended out, and his state of mind would inadvertently relax slightly. Although he had seen Ma Qun’s shield strike out at him, but in his mind, as long as he could kill Ma Qun before the shield reached him, then it wouldn’t have much power behind it to worry about. In doing so, he could still act cool in front of Xuan’er, naturally he was happy to do so.

Alas, it was this mindset that let him throw away the fight totally. Ma Qun’s strength was so terrifying. With just a single strike, though...

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