Chapter 209 To be confirmed! (1)

Chapter 209 To be confirmed! (1)

Who were Zhou Weiqing and the others? With their cultivation levels, although the youth tried to speak in a low volume, they could naturally hear him loud and clear.

Zhou Weiqing could easily control his expressions, and Yun Li also relaxed, ignoring the comment. However, Ma Qun had always had a character who loved to cause trouble. Hearing someone call them gluttons, how could he hold back. Instantly, he slammed his palm on the table as he stood up abruptly.

“Dammit, you little gigolo, who did you say is good for nothing?”

Ma Qun’s height and stature was definitely a terrifying one, but it wasn’t too obvious when they were all seated. As he stood up abruptly, he gave the group of youths a scare. Towering at than 2.3 metres of height, he could definitely be considered a giant amongst these ordinary humans, almost as if he were a crane in the midst of a flock of chickens[1. This is a literal translation of an idiom that he is actually using literally - the original meaning is being an outstanding talent/distinguished person amongst common folk]. Furthermore, Ma Qun was extremely muscular, his broad shoulders more than twice that of normal human. As he stood there now, it was...

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