Chapter 208 Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team! (3)

Chapter 208 Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team! (3)

Heavenly Emperor Powerhouses were not allowed to interfere in ordinary wars, but currently the Heavenly Bow Empire did not even have a Heavenly King stage powerhouse of their own. Of course, Zhou Weiqing could not possibly keep bothering his Senior Uncle to help him, especially since he was immersed in Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

As such, the only right solution was for Zhou Weiqing to reach the Heavenly King stage as quickly as possible. This time, Zhou Weiqing did not know how long he would be gone, so he needed to ensure everything would continue running well without his presence. After all their plans and contingencies, and with Ming Yu and the officers to run things, there should not be any problems. His only worry was if any enemy powerhouse entered the fray.

Before leaving, Zhou Weiqing left a letter for his Master, inviting him to stay in the Heavenly Bow Empire during the period he was gone. If a large amount of enemy powerhouses came, he would ask the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor to take care of them. As for the fact that Long Shiya previously mentioned he would not help him revive his Empire,...

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