Chapter 208 Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team! (2)

Chapter 208 Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team! (2)

At the side, Shangguan Xue’er suddenly raised a brow, and she said passively: “Naturally, Little Miss Muddle will be joining the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. However, she will not be joining your Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team, but our ZhongTian Battle Team. Later, I will be leaving with her to head back first.”

Upon hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing’s mouth began to twitch uncontrollably. At last, he gave a bitter smile and said: “Xue’er, are you really trying to form the greatest battle team in history of battle teams before you are satisfied?”

In front of so many people, Shangguan Xue’er naturally assumed her usual icy cold demeanour, saying passively: “This is all part of your test, if it were too easy, there would be no point. Only stress and pressure will give you sufficient motivation. As the saying goes, when one gets too comfortable, they will just drift along. You must work hard. Come on, Little Miss Muddle, let’s go.”

As she said that, Shangguan Xue’er nodded to the others, and pulled Little Miss Muddle out of the room.

Zhou Weiqing could only stare after them helplessly, left speechless. Facing a ZhongTian Battle Team with the three Shangguan sisters and Little Miss Muddle… was there a chance...

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