Chapter 208 Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team! (1)

Chapter 208 Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team! (1)

“Xue’er, could you please invite everyone over for a meeting.” After setting his resolve, Zhou Weiqing naturally needed to settle everything here before he could leave for the Tournament.

Tian’er looked at his expression and instantly knew what he was thinking. “Little Fatty, you must definitely bring me along. Do not worry, I will be fine. As the saying goes, when one marries a chicken, then one will follow the chicken. If one marries a dog, then one will follow the dog. I am now considered a member of the Heavenly Bow Empire, and it is natural that I play a part as well.”

Zhou Weiqing did not reject her, nodding as he said: “That is natural, no matter where I go, I will definitely bring you along.” However in his heart, he added one more line that he did not speak out loud. As for whether or not you fight, that is another matter.

In about an hour, the upper echelons of the Heavenly Bow Empire had gathered into the governor’s mansion grand hall.

Ming Yu was the last to enter the hall, and when Zhou Weiqing saw him, he was startled. This handsome and suave Fei Li God General was looking extremely shabby, clearly haggard and exhausted, his attire in disarray and unshaven face. However, his eyes were...

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