Chapter 205 To be confirmed! (1)

Chapter 205 To be confirmed! (1)

However, the exploits and results of these Peerless Regiment soldiers was glorious indeed. From the start of the fight until now, the Kalise and Bai Da soldiers had all been thrown into the fight, but no one could even know the current death and injury toll. No matter atop the city walls or below, all that could be seen was a sea of corpses.

*BANG* One of the eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters slammed his weapon savagely into Zhou Weiqing’s back, causing his entire body to smash into the city wall, almost sinking in with an explosive sound. At last, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation below Zhou Weiqing’s feet dissipated with the final violent blow.

“Bastard!” Zhou Weiqing howled angrily, abruptly turning around and giving a furious swing with his Legendary Hammers, causing his enemies to step back momentarily.

Perhaps it was because they saw the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation below Zhou Weiqing’s feet dissipate, the Bai Da powerhouses surrounding him finally heaved a sigh of relief, their attacks stopping momentarily.

These enemies were not in particularly great condition either, none of them remained injury free. More than a dozen Heavenly Jewel Masters! All of them had been surrounding a single person, Zhou Weiqing, all this...

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