Chapter 203 Peerless! (2)

Chapter 203 Peerless! (2)

If that truly happened, it would undoubtedly be a major step in the process of the revival of his homeland. The entire Heavenly Bow Empire lands would be relatively open to him as the Kalise Empire’s forces would be greatly reduced. It could be said that in just this short period of time, Zhou Weiqing would be expending all his efforts to recover at least half of his empire’s original lands. This would definitely be a great advantage to him… if he could succeed and survive.

As such, to Zhou Weiqing, and to the Heavenly Bow Empire, this was probably the most important battle for a long time to come. Once they succeeded, even if the Kalise Empire sent more troops, they would likely have to shrink back into the area around the Heavenly Bow City and have a standoff with Zhou Weiqing.

Towards this, Zhou Weiqing was already very...

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