Chapter 203 Peerless! (1)

Chapter 203 Peerless! (1)

On their own side, the overall number of troop was a mere three thousand seven hundred, and they were defending a city which didn’t even have a moat. How could Zhou Weiqing deal with this?

Their reinforcements would reach in at most ten days, at top speed and some luck, perhaps five days was sufficient. However, would the Kalise Empire really give him five to ten more days?

The answer was a clear no.

The next morning after the Kalise Empire armies had surrounded the Crescent City, they finally began their attack.

Zhou Weiqing and the others were actually still considered newbies in terms of commanding troops. Even for Yan Zhexi and the other top students in the Fei Li Military Academy, as they did not have any battle experience. When the enemy started attacking at dawn, the entire Crescent City walls was thrown in a bustle as everyone rushed around in reaction.

The Kalise Empire armies charged forward simultaneously from all four sides. Of course, the frontal assault was still the strongest. Just like the previous time, all of the siege weapons were focused on the south front. However, the other three sides were no longer fake attacks, each with a massive number of soldiers actually charging in.

Facing such a situation, Zhou Weiqing did not have Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er stay on the front walls with him. The...

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