Chapter 202 Living Hell! (3)

Chapter 202 Living Hell! (3)

As Lin TianAo supported Zhou Weiqing to walk along, only then did he truly sense how weak he was. Zhou Weiqing’s current state was truly terrible, his entire body nearly drained dry of energy, and he had to lean almost all of his weight on Lin TianAo as he ‘flopped’ along.

However, despite his weakness, Zhou Weiqing’s current feelings were considered very joyous. The two greatest problems he was facing had been solved, and it was without a doubt that he had taken a huge step towards the revival of his homeland.

Duan Tianlang did not return to his own abode, instead still going along with Zhou Weiqing and the others to the governor’s mansion. Currently, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were fully drained dry of energy, almost to the point where they couldn’t even sit down to cultivate at that point. They could only wait for their bodies to slowly recover at their natural regeneration state, and within three days it would be impossible for them to move properly.

“Weiqing, I’m afraid that you will soon have to face a lot more trouble, you better have preparation for that in your heart.” As soon as they were away from the crowd, Duan Tianlang said with furrowed brows.

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily, alarm in his heart as he asked: “What trouble?” For a person like his Senior Uncle, whose cultivation level was almost...

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