Chapter 202 Living Hell! (1)

Chapter 202 Living Hell! (1)

The previous time, after Zhou Weiqing’s powerful kick, he was able to take care of the tri-attribute venom by self-injury and sacrificing a serious injury to cut his losses. However, this time was very different! This unknown energy had invaded his hand, and all of his abilities were focused on his rapier and sword-wielding hand! If he wanted to do the same, he would no longer be the top assassin in the world. Alas, in just a few moments of his hesitation, the strange energy had already settled into his arm and reached his shoulder.

Right at this moment, a bright, clear voice rang out, though it was currently filled with a cold anger. “Since you have come, then stay here forever.”

A brutal and overbearing force of HEavenly Energy appeared right in front of him without warning, a massive silver hand grabbing towards the assassin’s neck.

As soon as the person appeared, the Heavenly King assassin was shocked to judge that it was a Heavenly King stage powerhouse!

At this point, he no longer dared hesitate or even use his most familiar weapon. He knew if he stayed any longer, it would mean death. Frantically circulating all of his Heavenly Energy, his feet tapped the...

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