Chapter 201 Saint Energy - Recalling to Life! Hell’s Angel! (2)

Chapter 201 Saint Energy - Recalling to Life! Hell’s Angel! (2)

“Boss, let us sally forth to fight them for a bit, so what if they have three Regiments? They will not be able to hold us down.” At Zhou Weiqing’s side, Ma Qun was raring to go.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “No, this time the enemy is not the same. Furthermore, you all have already revealed yourselves in the previous fight, and the enemies will definitely have prepared something against us doing something similar. If your two entire Main Companies were here, I would definitely send you to destroy their confidence. However, you currently only number two hundred in total, and if you were to be entangled with the enemy’s two Heavy Cavalry Battalions for too long, even with your combat prowess and strength, it will not be easy to get out without any losses.”

At the other side, Lei Zi said: “Boss, then let us go instead. We’ll fly above their heads and let them know what is the meaning of heavenly soldiers descending from the skies.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “There will be many chances for all of you to take action soon. However, I do not want to reveal our Peerless Air Force quite so early. It isn’t time yet. After all, it is one of our aces. Prepare your javelins for now… those will be even more effective than arrows in a siege...

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