Chapter 195 Peerless Heavy Cavalry! (3)

Chapter 195 Peerless Heavy Cavalry! (3)

Heavens! What on earth were they holding in their hands! Were those weapons even logical? Wasn’t the standard weaponry of Heavy Cavalry soldiers the long lance? What… what are they carrying in their hands?! Oh my mother! Are those huge spiked maces? Are they fully solid? How heavy would that actually be?!

The Berserker Tribe soldiers were indeed all carrying an extra-large spiked mace. That novel weapon was even heavier than Crow’s Legendary Axes. Of course, the Gold Crow Tribes had their heavy battle axes in hand as well.

Both sides had not even clashed, and in terms of aura and presence, the Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers had already fully suppressed their enemies.

Almost in the next instant, the Heavy Cavalry soldiers of both sides smashed savagely into each other.

Crow and Ma Qun were right in the front of their respective troops, and naturally they were the first to slam into their foes. A terrifying sight ensued immediately.

Ma Quns twin huge spiked maces moved simply, but directly. Sweeping in front of him, he totally ignored the heavy lances that the two Kalise Empire Heavy Cavalry soldiers had pointed at him.

In the entire Boundless Mainland, all Heavy Cavalry soldiers were normally outfitted with heavy lances as their weapons. For the Kalise Empire soldiers, their heavy lances...

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