Chapter 193 Compete in Creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls?! (1)

Chapter 193 Compete in Creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls?! (1)

Spasming. Ming Yu’s entire body and heart were convulsing.

“No… impossible… I … I don’t believe it.” Ming Yu stared hard into Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, as if trying to read something within.

Alas, he could not see anything, not even any rheum[1. How many know what this actually is. I actually had to google for the technical term for ‘eye boogers’, in fact in the term in mandarin literally translates to that].

Currently, Princess Cai Cai’s expression was rather ugly as she led the officials back down into the drilling ground.

Originally, she had thought that when they won this round, she would ‘invite’ Zhou Weiqing up to the stage. Alas, with the current situation, she would have to move down personally.

Ming Yu turned his head back to look at Cai Cai walking in, and he took in a deep breath. In a low tone, he said to Zhou Weiqing: “I’ll look for you later.” After saying that, he walked back to Cai Cai, saying a few lines before turning back with an embarrassed look towards his Personal Guard Battalion. It was not going to be an easy task or a short time for his Personal Guard Battalion to regain combat effectiveness, and more importantly, to regain their morale. For a troop that had always lived with victory,...

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