Chapter 187 Visiting Fei Li! (2)

Chapter 187 Visiting Fei Li! (2)

Hua Feng frowned in thought and said: “Little Wei… just bringing five hundred men, isn’t that a bit too little?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily as he replied: “It isn’t that few, after all the First Main Company are the strongest amongst all our soldiers. How about this, I’ll have Crow and Ma Qun join me as well, with each of them bringing fifty of their elite Heavy Cavalry soldiers. In such a case, though we might only number six hundred, I am confident of facing even an entire Regiment and still be able to break their ranks. Furthermore, our main purpose of visiting is to establish a diplomatic relationship, not to fight with them. A sufficient show of strength is all we need, and to bring too many might actually have the reverse effect.”

Hua Feng nodded and said: “Very well, we’ll go according to your ideas. The combat prowess of the First Main Company should be sufficient to protect you all, or at least bring you both back alive no matter what. Hmmm… in fact, let’s have them be your elite personal guards in the future. Oh right, regarding Princess Difuya, you better go personally. She is after all your official fian...

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