Chapter 185 If you lose, marry me! (2)

Chapter 185 If you lose, marry me! (2)

However, the Absolute Delay was just the first Skill. Besides that, the other three Skills also sprang into effect simultaneously. The three Skills were the Lightning Suffering, Silver Emperor Wing Slash and the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce respectively. All were extremely powerful Skills, two of were Stored from the Silver Emperor. However, they all shared a certain characteristic - a strong explosive effect.

Stacked together, they were able to boost each other.

With the four Skills bursting out simultaneously, the white light around the giant sword was obviously weakened, and the speed slowed considerably, giving Zhou Weiqing even more time to react.

As he was retreating at top speed, Zhou Weiqing's brain was working at top speed in the state of Icy Cold Senses. Besides focusing most of his senses on the terrifying giant sword and the various energy reverberations within, he was also clear about everything around in the surroundings, including the distance between the two, the difference in speeds, all win perfect judgement.

With a faint smile, a cold light flashed across...

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