Chapter 185 If you lose, marry me! (1)

Chapter 185 If you lose, marry me! (1)

Anyone else might fail to recognize such a rare Heavenly Beast like the Demonic Dragon Lady, but how could Shangguan Xue’er not? Firstly, the Demonic Dragon Lady was from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and as the heir to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, her knowledge was definitely extensive and well informed indeed.

Sensing the presence and aura of the Demonic Dragon Lady, Shangguan Xue’er furrowed her brow, but her eyes still remained closed. In the midst of the terrifying explosion, the flurry of sword thread attacks were swallowed by the burst. The sword intent was the soul of swordsmanship, but even so, against such a vast number of explosions, she could not just force her way forward, otherwise, even before she could strike Zhou Weiqing, her body would have been blown back by the explosive impact.

As she retreated from the explosion, though Shangguan Xue’er seemed like she had been in the advantage in this clash, she was clear that if she was not careful, this might lead to a massive disadvantage for herself. After all, without any Stored Skills, when she faced any top tier Skills, she did not have any Skills with Heavenly Skill...

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