Chapter 176 Heavenly Emperor Beasts! (1)

Chapter 176 Heavenly Emperor Beasts! (1)

As for the Lion King Gu Site, the moment he saw the Demonic Change State around Zhou Weiqing, the thought that sprang in mind was very different. His gaze on Zhou Weiqing also changed, turning cold and overcast. Such an unbelievably talented youth, yet he could not be used by himself. If I give him enough time to grow… that could lead to unforeseen, even disastrous circumstances…

Only the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian remained standing there impassive, his face still expressionless as if he did not care about anything. However, if one examined him closely, they would discover his gaze was also transfixed on Zhou Weiqing

From Xue AoTian’s perspective, he was rather curious about Zhou Weiqing. He had heard a lot of news about this youth from his daughter, and at present, what he was about to do was to create a truly fair fight, although on the surface appearance he was helping Gu Yingbing.

Regarding this young fellow who had stolen his daughter’s heart, Xue AoTian’s feelings were rather mixed. However, it was without a doubt that he was very curious about him, especially when he learned that Zhou Weiqing had the two Saint Attributes, Demonic and Time, that had piqued his interest even more...

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