Chapter 175 First Test. Power. (2)

Chapter 175 First Test. Power. (2)

Xue AoTian waved his hands, and immediately the two Heavenly Beasts slunk back to the cave from which they had come from, dejected and with their tails between their legs.

Xue AoTian continued passively, not giving any comments on the duo’s performance. “Second one, prepare yourselves.”

None of them detected how the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord managed to do so, but from within the depths of the dark cave, the next two Heavenly Beasts appeared. However, as compared to the large lumbering pair previously, these two were much smaller and more agile. They were extremely familiar to Zhou Weiqing, a pair of Silver Emperors.

The two small figures flashed in midair, encircling around Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing’s heads respectively.

This pair of Silver Emperors were still young, and their cultivation level was also at the Upper Level Zong Stage, just like Zhou Weiqing’s old pet Little Red Bean.

Thinking about Little Red Bean, Zhou Weiqing felt his heart wrench suddenly. Previously, Little Red Bean had been killed while protecting him from Gu Yingbing, and even up until now, he still remembered that scene clearly, as well as the...

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