Chapter 175 First Test. Power. (1)

Chapter 175 First Test. Power. (1)

The two huge Heavenly Beasts slowly lumbered all the way to the front of both youths before they stopped. They looked almost exactly the same, their body length about seven metres large, covered fully with a thick layer of icy blue scale armour. In contrast, their height was only one and a half metres tall, with their entire body down close to the ground, showing a stark difference between their heights and lengths.

Zhou Weiqing did not recognize such a Heavenly Beast, but it looked like a huge pangolin. Its eyes flashed with cold light, and from the aura, both were Upper Level Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts.

It had to be known - the task for both Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing was not to defeat these Heavenly Beasts, but to overwhelm them with their aura. To an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master,...

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