Chapter 168 Dragon and Tiger, Bloodlines Merge! (2)

Chapter 168 Dragon and Tiger, Bloodlines Merge! (2)

Another hour passed, and Zhou Weiqing’s body continued in that seemingly ever-changing state, only his right leg had changed into the black scorpion hook of his Demonic Right Leg, and that seemed to be the only stable part of his entire body, remaining constant all this while, as the rest of his body morphed constantly between the two states.

All of a sudden, with an abrupt sickening sound, a cloud of blood mist burst forth from Zhou Weiqing’s back, giving Long Shiya a fright. He almost thought that in that instant, Zhou Weiqing had been unable to withstand the bloodline power and imploded.

However, just as he was about to react, a pair of huge wings sprouted out from the freshly opened wounds on Zhou Weiqing’s back, unfurling in a jerky, almost childish way, as if it was learning how to do so as it went along, slowing opening up to its full width.

Long Shiya’s eyes opened wide. He had never heard of a bloodline power allowing humans to grow wings… not even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord’s Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline had such a possible change, even though the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord was born a Heavenly Beast.

Black Tiger with two pairs of wings?!

At last, the two pair of wings spread out, each almost two metres long, curling...

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