Chapter 167 Peerless in the World! (3)

Chapter 167 Peerless in the World! (3)

All this while, Hua Feng had been fully focused on observing the Eagle Tribesmen Air Force Regiment high up in the skies. As for the Mammoth Regiment, he did not seem to worry about them at all. Seeing that the Northwest Army Command had actually sent four Cavalry Regiments to their aid, especially with three elite Heavy Cavalry Regiments… it was clear that they had already realised the importance of the Peerless Battalion to this war. Perhaps all those reinforcements added together might not be able to defeat the Mammoth Regiment, but he was confident that it was definitely sufficient to protect the Peerless Battalion. The only worry Hua Feng had was the Eagle Tribesmen Air Force Regiment high up in the sky… After all, being suppressed was not a good feeling at all. The destructive power of the Eagle Tribesmen soldiers were not to be underestimated at all, and besides the Heavy Infantry soldiers and the Purple Tasseled Regiments, the rest of the Northwest Army Regiments would not likely be able to block their attacks.

“Wait a while more.” Hua Feng said solemnly.

Lei Zi said urgently: “Battalion Commander, let us go. They do not have any more javelins, they haven’t thrown any in quite some time. Our Brothers can hold up their shields as we charge up… there should not be any big danger. Once we reach a sufficient distance, we will be able to exchange fire, and show them our own...

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