Chapter 167 Peerless in the World! (2)

Chapter 167 Peerless in the World! (2)

Without question, the two Battalions of Eagle Tribesmen were specially here against the Peerless Battalion. With the supreme eyesight of the Eagle Tribesmen, even at the height of a thousand metres, they would still be able to clearly find their targets on the ground.

Regarding the Peerless Battalion, the WanShou Empire were definitely well prepared. After all, when the Swift Wolf Regiment’s Commander Butler was wounded, the Heavenly Snow Mountain had learned about it. Furthermore, the other Wolf Cavalry Regiment and Unicorn Cavalry Regiment had been critically damaged previously, how could the Peerless Battalion not stirred up the full attention of the WanShou Empire? The two Eagle Tribesmen Regiment were specially sent to take care of the Peerless Battalion.

However, the WanShou Empire had made a mistake… an error in judgement regarding the true numbers of the Peerless Battalion. According to their reports, the Peerless Battalion numbered about a normal Battalion and maybe a little more. How could they possibly know that the Peerless Battalion had long since grown to more than five thousand men!

As they watched the incoming flying air troops, the Drunken Rogue Luo Ke Di said with a strange expression on his face: “Those… in the skies… they are here for us right?”

Hua Feng said with an ugly expression on his face: “What else could it...

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