Chapter 167 Peerless in the World! (1)

Chapter 167 Peerless in the World! (1)

The Sixteenth Regiment beat their retreat instantly, and in that empty space they vacated, the First Main Company did not stop firing. The shrill cries of the arrows flying did not stop at all, and the Wolf Cavalry soldiers and Dog Tribe Infantry soldiers continued falling to the ground. As compared to the Unicorn Cavalry soldiers they had faced previously, these two Beastmen were much easier to deal with.

Previously, when they had been rescuing the surrounded Berserker and Gold Crow Tribes, the five hundred soldiers of the Peerless Battalion First Main Company had already awed and frightened off two of the WanShou Empire Regiments with their fighting prowess. Now, facing two Regiments which were arguably lesser than those other two, and with such a large number of allies beside them, the First Main Company started firing at will in confidence. Despite being archers, they did not pull back, instead advancing slowly to the front lines to the space which had been vacated, even as they continued firing rapidly. Within moments, the charging onslaught of enemies at the Sixteenth Regiment’s previous position was also almost emptied.

As the Sixteenth Regiment retreated, the Heavy Infantry Regiment and the Peerless Battalion advanced slowly together in perfect unity. As Hua Feng...

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