Chapter 156 Five Jewels! (3)

Chapter 156 Five Jewels! (3)

Right after that, Zhou Weiqing had used the Blink Skill to get right next to Lei Zi, before combining the Absolute Delay, Fetters of Wind and Lightning Suffering, three powerful Control Skills to restrict Lei Zi, before ending with the near-Heavenly God Tier Skill Demonic Dragon God Seal and the Blood Rites - Seal of Darkness.

Let alone Lei Zi, even if it were a more powerful six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters with all Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills, it was unlikely he or she would be able to withstand that flurry of Skills.

Of course, Zhou Weiqing did not really want him to become his Follower, but was just teaching this wild and intractable fellow a painful lesson. If the lesson was not strict enough, and he kept coming to challenge him in the future, wouldn’t that be a bother? As such, he had used such a show of force to take down Lei Zi so seemingly easily, at the same time it was also a display for the other newer soldiers to awe them into submission.

Seventh Legion Command Headquarters.

When Zhou Weiqing and Wei Feng reached, the headquarters was already full of the senior officers of the Seventh Legion. Those who were there were at least of the Vice Regiment Commander rank or higher, with their armour clearly depicting their status.

Zhou Weiqing and Wei Feng’s arrival did not rouse anyone’s...

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