Chapter 154 Evolving of the Peerless Battalion! (2)

Chapter 154 Evolving of the Peerless Battalion! (2)

The Peerless Battalion training was not in the actual campsite. Everyday, they would all head out of the camp, running twenty kilometres to a empty space for their training.

For other units, if they were to move out without consideration like that, they would definitely draw the attention and criticism from the headquarters. However, ever since Shen Ji knew about the presence of Long Shiya, it was as if the Peerless Battalion had gained a permanent green light, and they had no problems in doing such training daily.

The first time these new recruits saw the Peerless Battalion soldiers in their titanium alloy mail and all of them having a Consolidated Bow, they were truly shocked to the core.

The current Peerless Battalion was far different from what it had been when Zhou Weiqing had first arrived at the old Ruffian Battalion, in terms of cultivation, equipment, power, even confidence. Naturally, it was much easier to ‘conquer’ the hearts of these new recruits as compared to previously.

Looking at the...

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