Chapter 149 God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master Joins! (2)

Chapter 149 God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master Joins! (2)

He paused for a moment, then raised his voice, saying: “Now, I will proclaim a new rule. Everyone listen carefully. From now on, without my orders, no one is allowed to leave our Peerless Battalion camp site, otherwise they will be punished accordingly. However, if anyone comes to our territory to cause trouble, no matter who it is, just beat them up. If you lose, you will be throwing our Peerless Battalion faces, and you better just go look for Trainer Shangguan to receive your punishment. Alright, now, go set up camp, and once it's done we shall drink.”

Once they heard about drinking, cheers erupted, and the fatigue fled from the entire Peerless Battalion as everyone quickly burst into motion to clear the camp and started pitching tents. As for the rubbish, once they had collected it, they were not biased at all, throwing half each to the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Regiment.

Long Shiya looked on with a strange expression on his face before he turned to Zhou Weiqing and said: “Little Fatty, your army troop is allowed to drink wine?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh...

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