Chapter 149 God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master Joins! (1)

Chapter 149 God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master Joins! (1)

As he said that, Duan Tianlang did not hesitate and was about to kneel down towards Zhou Weiqing. Looking at him, it was definitely no act, even his tears were falling down.

How could Zhou Weiqing possibly dare to let him kneel and kowtow towards himself! He quickly knelt down first, grabbing hold of Duan Tianlang’s waist, preventing him from kneeling down.

“Senior Uncle, please don’t do that, I would not be able to take it! I’ll show it to you…” Zhou Weiqing said hurriedly.

By this point, he could no longer care about conning Duan Tianlang, even feeling ashamed about wanting to do so. He could clearly tell that this Senior Uncle in front of him truly wanted the ‘Hate Ground no Set’ design so much that he was even willing to give his life for it, truly showing how much Consolidating Equipment Scrolls were to him. Towards powerhouses like him, sometimes their fame, reputation and face was even more important their lives, yet he was willing to kneel and kowtow to a junior like him. Zhou Weiqing’s heartstrings had indeed been tugged. Asking himself inwardly, he knew that he might not have such a stubborn love towards something.

With that sense of respect, he agreed to show the legendary set design.

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Duan...

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