Chapter 147 Peerless Air Force! (2)

Chapter 147 Peerless Air Force! (2)

The Swift Wolf Regiment finally got passed the flame wall. However, by this time, the main force of the Peerless Battalion had retreated back to the hillside, and the Peerless Battalion Air Force were still firing down from above.

Shangguan Fei’er took a look at the back, and since their mission was accomplished, she immediately shouted an order: “Switch!”

The Peerless Battalion Air Force Physical Jewel Masters did not have a high cultivation level, and using their Wings to fly and the Consolidated Bow to boot was a huge toll on their Heavenly Energy. They still needed to reserve some Heavenly Energy to fly back, and in order to ensure the safety of her men, Shangguan Fei’er decided to be more conservative.

Keeping their Consolidated Bows, the Peerless Battalion Air Force switched to the javelins on their back. Three hundred javelins rained down like metal forest. Four rounds in total.

These javelins did not have any imbued Skills, not even any imbued Heavenly Energy, just totally dependant on their skill and strength. However, the Peerless Battalion Air Force were at least three hundred yards high in the sky, and each of these javelins weighed...

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