Chapter 146 One versus One | Butler! (2)

Chapter 146 One versus One | Butler! (2)

As Zhou Weiqing had expected, the gold war wolf mount stopped in its tracks, and when Butler looked on in surprise at the Heavenly Skill Image behind Zhou Weiqing, he did not hesitate to release all his Consolidated Equipment in preparation.

At this point, it showed the true difference between the WanShou Empire and the ZhongTian Empire. Without question, the WanShou Empire had powerful beastmen warriors with terrifying personal power. In terms of ordinary soldiers, the ZhongTian Empire might need at least ten to face off against one of the WanShou Empire’s soldiers to be able to hold their own. However, in terms of the higher ranked powerhouses, it was totally different.

In terms of numbers of Heavenly Jewel Masters, the WanShou Empire was actually only slightly less than the ZhongTian Empire. However, in terms of quality, it was quite a major difference. The greatest reason came from Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills.

Just like all other Empires, Consolidating Equipment Masters were an extremely rare commodity in the WanShou Empire. On the other hand, with the Heavenly Jewel Island as their backbone, especially the Consolidating...

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