Chapter 146 One versus One | Butler! (1)

Chapter 146 One versus One | Butler! (1)

Ten salvos of concentrated firing from the Consolidated Bows later, the notorious Swift Wolf Regiment that struck fear in the northern borders, had suffered an unprecedented blow. Before they had even started fighting with their enemies, they had already lost twenty percent of their numbers, with over two thousand Wolf Cavalry soldiers losing their lives under the onslaught of Consolidated Bows. At this point, the officers of the Swift Wolf Regiment were about five hundred yards from the Peerless Battalion.

However, at this moment, the salvo from the Peerless Battalion halted momentarily. Most of the soldiers had ran out of Heavenly energy, and their Consolidated Bows vanished. They took out their ordinary longbows, but that required some time.

After all, the majority of the Peerless Battalion soldiers had only just Awakened their Jewels with the help of the medicine and Shangguan Fei’er and the others’ Heavenly Energy, barely at a single Jewel cultivation level. Being able to shoot ten arrows with their Consolidated Bows was their absolute limit. Of course, there were a still few who had not started...

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