Chapter 145 Swift Wolf Regiment! (3)

Chapter 145 Swift Wolf Regiment! (3)

The Peerless Battalion soldiers had been assigned Consolidated Bows according to their respective Physical Jewel Attributes. For example, those Physical Jewel Masters that had Stamina and Strength were assigned the Explosive type Overlord Bows. The other Physical Attributes were assigned the Piercing Type Overlord Bows. However, typically speaking the most common attribute was the Strength Attribute, and thus so many of them had the explosive type Overlord Bow.

Zhou Weiqing did not take action personally, instead raising the massive flag in his hands. As he did so, a wild aura of bloodlust burst forth from him and he shouted: “Peerless Battalion brothers, before us is the Swift Wolf Regiment that has raided our homeland countless of times, slain countless of our comrades, an important unit of the WanShou Empire. Today, the opportunity has come for you to use your arrows to personally take revenge for all your countrymen. Everyone, get ready, take aim and listen for my command!”

One thousand two hundred Consolidated Bows raised up slowly as they stood shoulder to shoulder, their arms steady, arrows already nocked to their bowstrings.

The Wolf Cavalry Soldiers were so...

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