Chapter 145 Swift Wolf Regiment! (2)

Chapter 145 Swift Wolf Regiment! (2)

The other eight Companies were also in neat formations, with not a single soldier showing any signs of fear or cowardice. All that could be seen in their eyes was excitement, bloodlust and yearning for battle… to prove themselves.

These last several months of the Peerless Battalion had been spent training with all their might, and not only their personal strength, but overall strength had raised considerable. It was not just Zhou Weiqing or the officers who could see this, even the soldiers could see it for themselves, and feel their own rise in power. When each of them could use their bows and arrows to accurately shoot at a distance of five hundred yards and beyond, one could just imagine their excitement. When they all started gain their Consolidated Equipment Bows, to see the sheer force and range of the bows, the attached explosive or piercing powers endowed by the Consolidated Bow, their hearts was filled with an unspoken excitement.

The current Peerless Battalion was now truly no longer the Ruffian Battalion of the past. Although they still only numbered a thousand and five hundred men, barely a few hundred more than their past, their personal strength was like night and day....

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