Chapter 145 Swift Wolf Regiment! (1)

Chapter 145 Swift Wolf Regiment! (1)

Zhou Weiqing returned to the Peerless Battalion, doling out the reward that they had received.

In truth, by now the soldiers of the Peerless Battalion no longer placed much importance on gold. After having followed Zhou Weiqing for so long, their horizons had been broadened, and they were at a much higher stage now. At the same time, the 'smell of gunpowder' was strong in the general atmosphere of the Peerless Battalion, as all the soldiers competed to see who could earn more Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, Stored Skills, or even just whose Heavenly Energy could rise the fastest.

In the original Ruffian Battalion, before Zhou Weiqing had taken control, even for those original Physical Jewel Masters, it was extremely rare they had Consolidated Equipment. As a result, it was an easy task to homogenize all their current Consolidated Equipment. Zhou Weiqing’s specifications for their Consolidating was a set process. First, a Consolidated Equipment Bow, next would be the two sets of Consolidated Equipment Wings. Of course, this was just the beginning, and as their power increased, there would be more in the future.

As Zhou Weiqing returned to his command tent, Wei Feng and Hua Feng both arrived at the same time to see him.

“Battalion Commander Sir, Reporting… The situation is quite dire…” Wei Feng’s...

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