Chapter 144 Good beginnings! (2)

Chapter 144 Good beginnings! (2)

If it were any other Heavenly Jewel Master, perhaps this period of stagnation would be deadly, potentially putting them off this amazing skill. However, Zhou Weiqing would not. After all, his Immortal Deity Technique had a unique characteristic… as long as he kept using his Heavenly Energy, the energy whirlpools would continually draw in power, and his cultivation level would slowly increase automatically. As such, concentrating on the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts would actually only have a minor effect on his Heavenly Energy cultivation.

Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing had discovered as the month had passed and he had improved in the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, there had been other benefits to his control of Heavenly Energy. Firstly, he had by now already broken through eighteen of his Death Acupuncture Points, and after this point, he was now able to individually control them, allowing each different Death Acupuncture Point to whirl at different speeds and with their unique changes.

Do not underestimate this seemingly simple ability. In actual combat, previously with Zhou Weiqing’s spiritual power and focus, he was only able to have the eighteen...

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