Chapter 138 Fighting a Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master Together! (3)

Chapter 138 Fighting a Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master Together! (3)

Lightning Suffering Skill was that third Skill. It originally already held a powerful piercing effect of its own, especially coupled with the explosive shock waves of the two arrows. Although the Fire Cloud Shield was extremely powerful, lightning and fire were considered of the same source; with all the above series of foreshadowing support, a spark of the Lightning Suffering managed to enter. Although it only caused Han Tianyou to feel a slight numbing sensation for a split second, it was enough to give him a mixture of shock, surprise and rage. A mere little Low Level Zun Stage could actually use arrows to let him experience a Skill’s effect, that was truly an unbelievable humiliation.

However, that was not the end of Zhou Weiqing’s arrows. The fourth and fifth arrows followed suit almost in the next instant.

The most surprising thing was that although the seven arrows of Zhou Weiqing’s seemed to be all from different directions and angles, when they actually struck Han Tianyou, they somehow arrived exactly on the same spot. The fourth arrow held the Time Disorder Skill, and it landed right where the Lightning Suffering had pierced through.

Striking that weak point, the fourth arrow managed to actually sink into the Fire...

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