Chapter 135 Peerless Training! (3)

Chapter 135 Peerless Training! (3)

As Zhou Weiqing listened to her, he furrowed his brow several times. According to what she said, the difficulty was just too great. In the first place, entering the WanShou Empire was already especially dangerous, and if they had to face a Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beast, the chance of returning was pretty much zero. Furthermore, there was no guarantee they could even find those particular Heavenly Beasts even if they tried. Yet, if his plan would be to put to the fullest use, it would be best to pull this off as soon as possible.

Shangguan Fei’er continued: “It’s not totally impossible… but it would depend a lot on luck. If our luck is good, for example like how we met Little Red Dot previously, a Heavenly Beast that isn’t fully grown, then both of us together should be able to barely deal with the such. If we have few others to aid us, our chance of success would be higher. Still, no matter what, it will be a very dangerous attempt.”

Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment, then said slowly: “Perhaps it is worth a try… after all, we still have Little Red Dot. Its power is no weaker than yours, and more importantly,...

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