Chapter 133 Reuniting with the Heavenly Bow Unit! (2)

Chapter 133 Reuniting with the Heavenly Bow Unit! (2)

The courtyard was the three-entrance type [1. example], with over a dozen rooms and even if they doubled their number, it would not be a problem. Zhou Weiqing brought the Heavenly Bow Unit members to Lin TianAo’s house, and after making some simple introductions, he passed a list of items he needed to buy to Lin TianAo.

There were several portions of things he needed to buy. Firstly, he needed to convert out a large amount of actual gold coins. After all, in order to let those Peerless Battalion scoundrels to listen to him, he had to have enough gold. Of course, that would just be seed money as he would also use low priced Consolidating Equipment Scrolls to recoup the gold, but before he could do so he would need this large sum first.

Next, he needed Lin TianAo to buy as many Spatial carrying objects like rings or the...

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