Chapter 133 Reuniting with the Heavenly Bow Unit! (1)

Chapter 133 Reuniting with the Heavenly Bow Unit! (1)

“Shall we head to your place first, or our place first?” Luo Ke Di asked Zhou Weiqing.

Without hesitation, Zhou Weiqing said: “Of course we’ll head over to your place first. That being said, Rogue Teacher… That Princess Difuya is together with you… that girl is rather dumb, you all better not listen to her.”

Luo Ke Di pursed his lips and said: “Don’t say that, although Princess Difuya is rather spoiled, but she is not bad at heart. Furthermore, she is your fiancee.”

“What fiancee?” Shangguan Fei’er’s voice had a hint of anger.

Zhou Weiqing quickly gave Luo Ke Di a look, but he acted like he did not see a thing, saying to Shangguan Fei’er: “Our Weiqing is the son of Admiral Zhou, and they have been promised to marry since birth. Alas, before they could actually be married, our Empire has fallen.”

“Hmph! Very good! Zhou Little Fatty! You actually have a fiancee as well, how many women do you have relations with?!” Shangguan Fei’er said savagely.

Zhou Weiqing looked at Luo Ke Di speechlessly and said with a bitter smile: “I was going to annul that engagement with Difuya, but...

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