Chapter 126 Peerless Brigand Soldiers! (2)

Chapter 126 Peerless Brigand Soldiers! (2)

Shangguan Fei’er muttered in a voice that only Zhou Weiqing could hear. “You truly sound like a bandit head now.”

Zhou Weiqing turned to her and said jauntily: “Not just any bandit, a bandit soldier. The peerless bandit soldiers of the Peerless Battalion!”

At this point, Shen Yi had returned to the Company of heavy cavalry, crying out angrily: “First Heavy Cavalry Company, prepare to charge!”

The clang of armour sounded out in an almost orderly fashion. For heavy cavalry, their selection and training were the strictest of all army units, and having received their orders, they swiftly made preparation to charge.

“Battalion Commander Shen Yi, are we really going to charge?” The First Heavy Cavalry Company Company Leader quickly nudged his warhorse forward and asked in a low tone.


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