Chapter 123 Groom or Doom! (1)

Chapter 123 Groom or Doom! (1)

“Zhou Little Fatty, where are you from?” Shen Bu’s cold voice rang out.

Zhou Weiqing lowered his head, looking the part of an honest youth filled with a mix of profound respect, humility and trepidation. “I am from the ZhongTian City.” Of the entire ZhongTian Empire, he had after all only ever been to the ZhongTian City, and was relatively familiar with it. Since he had to pass off as a ZhongTian Empire citizen, he could only do so.

Shen Bu pursed her lips, saying: “So you’re from the capital! As a Four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, why did you come to the Duelling Corner to fight. Did you come to our Sixteenth Regiment to cause trouble?” As she said that, she slammed down hard on the table beside her.

If not for the fact that both her and her sister had been bullied by this scoundrel, perhaps Shen Bu might have been fooled by that honest, pitiful look that Zhou Weiqing had on. Thinking about how this scoundrel had torn her sister’s clothing, and even sat down on herself, grabbing her throat in front of everyone, another wave of anger rose up within her.

In the past few hours, she had been comforting her little sister.

Shen Bu and Shen Yi’s parents had passed away when they were extremely young,...

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