Chapter 122 Oops! I beat up the Regiment Commander! (2)

Chapter 122 Oops! I beat up the Regiment Commander! (2)

Although Zhou Weiqing had indeed angered her by humiliating Shen Yi, she still held his talents and strength in high regard. With Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level and power, it was more than sufficient for him to be a Battalion Commander or Vice Battalion Commander. The only reason she had summoned this powerful Skill of hers was actually to threaten and scare Zhou Weiqing, to allow him to surrender without continuing the fight. In that way, she did not need to actually fight with a fresh recruit, and still have him surrender.

Alas, she had never expected that under her intense aura and facing such a powerful skill, this Zhou Little Fatty would actually charge towards her instead. Was he trying to commit suicide!?

In that moment where Shen Bu started, Zhou Weiqing had chained his attacks. Indeed, to ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters, the Tornado Strike Skill could only activate after ten yards, but Zhou Weiqing was different. He had the Time Interrupt Skill, and using that secretly, he could disrupt his own Skill at any point of his charge, allowing him to still...

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