Chapter 117 “Evil Demonic Form” | Silver Emperor! (2)

Chapter 117 “Evil Demonic Form” | Silver Emperor! (2)

“What’s that?!” Shangguan Fei’er cried out in alarm. In that moment, she had felt a fatal threat to her life. At her cultivation level and power, for her to have such a feeling, it was clear what strength this attacker of theirs contained.

On the other hand, Zhou Weiqing’s expression had changed, pale and ashen in fright. His senses and perception were far beyond the ordinary, and when he had dragged down Shangguan Fei’er, he was facing upwards. He had seen that silver light that had passed over them, and it was just too familiar to him indeed.

“Silver Emperor!”

Zhou Weiqing’s voice was filled with shock. Indeed, the silver light that passed over them in that flash was the figure of the Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beast, the Silver Emperor, that Zhou Weiqing had Skill Stored from before! However, this Silver Emperor was smaller than the ones that he had Skill Stored from, but was just as fast and agile. Previously, that silver light had been it passing through with one of its three powerful skills, the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce.

Zhou Weiqing also knew that Skill, but naturally the power when he used it compared to when the...

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