Chapter 112 Three-and-a-Half Year Promise. (2)

Chapter 112 Three-and-a-Half Year Promise. (2)

The current Zhou Weiqing was much more stable, matured than that time. He could sense an occasional cold light in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, giving him a chill down his spine, even if it weren’t directed at him.

Originally, Ma Qun had thought that in breaking through to the second-Jeweled stage, he would be able to close the gap between himself and Zhou Weiqing. Alas, now, he realised that this was not true at all. From the pressure he sensed from Zhou Weiqing, the gap had not closed at all, and the reverse was true instead, with the gap between them widening further. This gave him a chill in his heart, as a slight fear towards his young leader was added to the respect he had.

Zhou Weiqing stood at the doorway, looking out into the small yard outside. His hands behind his back, he stood silently with his eyes closed.

Sixteenth Level...

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