Chapter 110 Entering the Zun Stage (2)

Chapter 110 Entering the Zun Stage (2)

Zen: Warning, slightly NSFW. Not too descriptive, but you wouldn't want to read this in front of your boss =p

However, watching was one thing, but actually experiencing it on her own was another matter altogether. When Zhou Weiqing’ large hands encircled her slim waist and the sweet curvature below, her body began to tremble.

Her flustered inner heart wanted her to dodge away, but she was no ordinary human. At this moment, she had already chosen to give Zhou Weiqing this most precious reward, and more so also to heal his wounded heart, to slightly relax that taut heartstrings that were at maximum tension for so long. Otherwise, she was afraid that if he stayed in that state any longer, he would breakdown totally. As such, no matter how much she wanted to dodge away, she had made her decision and would only turn this flustered embarrassment into wild action.

Tian’er’s amazing curves sparked all of Zhou Weiqing’s burning desire, and abruptly, he flipped himself around,...

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