Chapter 110 Entering the Zun Stage (1)

Chapter 110 Entering the Zun Stage (1)

His meridian channels engorged with Heavenly Energy, Zhou Weiqing was currently in a disheveled state, his hair had grown so long that it spread messily down his shoulders and back. Although it was in a dark room, one could still spot his eerily bloodshot eyes.

As one’s cultivation level grew, each and every level of Heavenly Energy was undoubtedly tougher to reach, and the next level would always take a greater amount of Heavenly Energy. Zhou Weiqing’s original estimation of ten days was not fulfilled, and it took him an additional twenty three days on top of the thirty seven days spent with the three Masters, before he finally reached the breakthrough point once more.

Without hesitation, Zhou Weiqing immediately began his final burst towards breaking through.

At this moment, despite his ‘mistreatment’ of himself, his body and physique was not weak at all. After all, Heavenly Energy was the atmospheric energy that all Heavenly Jewel Masters needed and absorbed, and was in itself extremely good for the human body. Just this energy alone was able to sustain a Heavenly Jewel Master for a long period of time without much problems; although it wasn’t the same as Tian’er being able to live...

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