Chapter 109 Joy and Fortune, Shock and Tragedy! (2)

Chapter 109 Joy and Fortune, Shock and Tragedy! (2)

Happiness seemed to come so suddenly, leaving Zhou Weiqing rather caught off guard. He quickly supported the two up, saying: “Sealing isn’t required, do you think I have no trust in your characters? We are all good brothers, and we are still a team.”

Upon saying that, Zhou Weiqing turned to Lin TianAo, saying: “I will no longer call you Leader, but you will always be my big brother.” As soon as his words ended, a silver light flashed, and instantly Zhou Weiqing appeared beside Lin TianAo. His speed was just too fast, and no one had expected him to move so suddenly with a Blink Skill. In that moment, his palm pressed upon Lin TianAo’s forehead.

A dark red light shone forth, and before Lin TianAo could react or resist, it was too late.

The dark red Seal rose above his skin, and was silently erased, and when Zhou Weiqing removed his right hand, Lin TianAo stood there, stunned. The others were also equally stunned, their eyes filled with disbelief.

That was because… Zhou Weiqing had actually removed the Blood Rites - Seal of Darkness he had on Lin TianAo.

Ye Paopao totally could not believe what had happened...

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