Chapter 109 Joy and Fortune, Shock and Tragedy! (1)

Chapter 109 Joy and Fortune, Shock and Tragedy! (1)

As time passed day by day, the three Masters grew even busier since the day Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo arrived.

After that day, Lin TianAo returned back to the inn to rejoin the rest of the Battle Team. After discussion with Zhou Weiqing, the Fei Li Battle Team decided to stay in the Heavenly Jewel Island until they could all collect their scrolls and leave. With the three Masters working together, it was estimated that it would barely take a month to complete all their Scrolls. After all, even though Zhou Weiqing’s Legendary Set was not easy to create, he only needed a single Scroll per Equipment.

They had already been away for such a long time, and Zhou Weiqing wanted to get back to the Fei Li Empire as soon as possible. Although Bing’er could not leave anytime soon, he still had many things to do in the Fei Li Military Academy. Feelings and relationships were very important, but the goal in his heart had never wavered as well - to help the Heavenly Bow Empire grow strong.

As such, after much thought, Zhou Weiqing had decided to give up attempting to gain extra Legendary Set pieces from the three Masters, telling them the secret...

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