Chapter 99 Dual Ten-Star Rated Time Attribute Skills! (2)

Chapter 99 Dual Ten-Star Rated Time Attribute Skills! (2)

Instantly, Zhou Weiqing felt everything slow down around him, and his body froze slightly in midair. In just that moment, the two opponents had already arrived by his side.

Blink. Left with no choice, Zhou Weiqing could only use his last line of defensive, and two flashes of light passed by where his body was a moment ago, barely missing him.

“Wait! Hold on a second!” Zhou Weiqing shouted out loud, as he dodged behind a tree.

Surprisingly, the two BaoPo Battle Team members actually listened to him. They did not attack any further, resuming their hand holding, though their attentions and spirits were fully focused on Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing stuck his head out cautiously, the customary honest grin on his face as he said: “Please, let’s not fight first, hear me out if you will, I have a proposition.”

This BaoPo Battle Team couple were extremely attractive; the guy suave and handsome, and his lady beautifully stunning, looking the picture of a match made in heaven. Still, Zhou Weiqing recalled that they were not the two who had been leading the pack of BaoPo Battle Team members earlier, and shouldn’t be the most powerful in the team.

The two of them looked at him curiously, interested in...

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