Chapter 98 I’ll wait for you to conquer me (2 in 1 release)

Chapter 98 I’ll wait for you to conquer me (2 in 1 release)

Tian’er continued: “That was the real reason why I decided to stay by your side, to see if the legend held any truth, whether or not being with you, and with the Four Great Saint Attributes combined, would there be any change.”

Zhou Weiqing quickly asked: “So… what is the result? Was there any change?”

Tian’er nodded, saying: “Yes, of course there was. Otherwise, why would I stay for so long by your side. Before I knew it, it’s already three years…”

Speaking up to that point, she hesitated a moment before changing the topic: “When I’m with you, especially when in contact, the two Saint Attributes that I have will be activated and roused up by your two Saint Attributes, indistinctly forming a unique, new energy field. Thus far you have not been able to sense this as you have not entered the Zun Stage yet, but I was able to quietly cultivate in this energy field, and in doing so being able to absorb the purest form of the world’s energy. That is the reason why I had no need to eat or drink, and this pure energy is more than able to sustain and nourish me. In doing so, it also imbued my body with much more spirit, strengthening and spiritualizing it. If not for that energy field, do you really think your Immortal Deity Technique is sufficient to let you break through to three Jewels in a mere three years, to the state where you are almost reaching four Jewels? Although your Immortal Deity Technique is quite miraculous, it is still not at the point where you can cultivate so rapidly…”

Zhou Weiqing said rather nonchalantly, as he did not really agree: “Is it really that fast? Compared to you, Little Witch or Shangguan Xue’er… none of you are that much older than I am, and you are already at the six or seven Jeweled cultivation level. I’m merely at the three-Jeweled cultivation level… how could it be considered fast by any stretch of the imagination?”

Tian’er pursed her lips, saying: “Undoubtedly, our cultivation levels are much higher than yours… but have you thought about how we… the heirs, members of the direct bloodline, or core disciples of the Great Saint Lands actually train and cultivate?”

“From the time that we are one month...

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